Posted: June 15, 2011 in Junk Food

Ive decided to repaint the 350z but Im afraid its going to take me a while. Ill be trying new brands of paint so this will ultimately help answer everyone who keeps asking what paints are best. I always recommend expensive automotive paint but this time it will be the cheap alternative choices.

If anyone has had good results with a certain brand or technique, please share…

  1. Schumy333 says:

    dont try regular lexan paint it literally peels off whats a good touch up clear

    • COMEDY! says:

      Yea lexan paint just is not good enough. As far as clears go theres nothing better than por15 pelucid but it doesnt come in a rattle can so you need a gun to spray it. I will try some cheap cans and see what they do…

  2. zochis says:

    Pellucid come in a spray can not cheap though

    and more expencive to ship to sweden. will u make a tutorial

  3. COMEDY! says:

    Wow that is expensive. I do recommend it though, it is the best clear coat Ive ever used.

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