So Far So Good…

Posted: June 24, 2011 in News

After about 5 hours use banging against other cars the new paint seems to hold perfectly.

Repainting only cost 13usd. I took my time and made a few new pieces. the rear diffuser connects directly to the chassis and so far seems very strong. Once I figure out what it can with stand ill make them available as well…

  1. Joe mofing miller thats right its be biatch WHAT! says:

    except for you wheel marker pin stripe! looked cool but use paint next time. Seriously we all have red scuff marks all over our cars now to remind us of you 😉

  2. COMEDY! says:

    Thats just the souvenir you got for getting in my Hope you guys had fun at the koss show, I hated to miss it.

  3. darkstepp says:

    looks awesome man. send me your paypal email i want u to make me a diffuzer :):):):)

  4. COMEDY! says:

    Thanks. I sent you instructions, check your email.

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