Posted: August 3, 2011 in News

Ok I had to share this. So I have been employed to help develop different resin transfer processes for other companies and their projects. With new types of resin and high pressures I was able to come up with a new process that produced very light parts and I recently got a chance to apply it to something RC related.

This process had proven to be one thing, expensive, the resin isnt easy to get and the method itself is very hard to pull off correctly. But after trying it I think it might be worth all the hassle. I was able to shed a lot of weight off a 5B body. Normally clocking in at about 120 grams for the carbon ones and about the same for the lexan ones, I was expecting it to weigh around 80 grams using the same amount of fabric as we always have. However, same amount of fabric, it came out at 65.9 grams painted.

Heres the thing. While fail testing we discovered by doing this process you could used less reinforcement fabric and still keep the desired strength. Less fabric means less resin which means even lighter parts. So 65.9 grams and there is still excess fat on it. Judging on what I know from this I believe its possible to make a touring car body that weighs about half what a lexan body weighs and still being a lot stronger than one… Something to think about…


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