Who Wants Some? It’s Free!

Posted: January 26, 2012 in News, Promo

UPDATE! As of 3/31 we are out of samples, thanks to all for participating in our development.

Our potion master has been working on another traction compound recipe. This time we want you to give it a try and let us know what you think. If you would like to participate in the development of our new chemical simply email us with an address and we will send you a small sample.

Dropem720@yahoo.com Comedy.Info.CC@gmail.com

After using it tell us what you think. Be sure to tell us what brand tires were used (new/old), what surface you ran, what you used to clean the tires how long you let the chemical set up and what you can compare it too. We want any and all feedback from users, like this one

“Ok so the first thing I noticed was the smell. It doesnt smell like any other traction compound I had used before, but its not harsh at all. Before I went to the track I used it on an old take off tire I had lying around. I let it settle in the rubber for 10 minutes and wiped the rest off, once it dryed the tire felt so soft I couldnt believe it and this was on a dried out takeoff tire. It makes r32s feel like r24s and the rubber doesnt come off on the paper towel like some do. At the track I ran with muchmore 32s and I clean my tires with carb cleaner. Im not sure what to compare it to, it seems to give the tires a few more laps before the grip falls off and the tires get a bit warmer as well. Thank you guys, someone finally took the time to make a great compound and not just bottle wintergreen oil.”     -Robert.D

Thanks Rob Im glad you like it. Hope you dont mind I cleaned up your grammar.

  1. C.Miller says:

    pmd. how much is shipping

  2. TheMrCrages says:

    I emailed you when will you ship it

  3. Holmes.T says:

    hey kyle stuff is awesome used it on carpet i would compare it to sxt
    i used jaco greens and i clean them with electric cleaner let it soak for 10 minutes and it seems to last a few lap longer than sxt and generate a bit more heat in the tires
    loved the way u bottled it its like a martini lol

    • COMEDY! says:

      Thanks, that is great information. If you use it on any other brand of tire let me know how it works.

      I have a big batch whenever your ready for more man.

      Regards, Kyle

  4. DiggsDidIt says:

    when can I expect it i want to race this weekend

  5. losidave says:

    is it for carpet or asphalt

    • COMEDY! says:

      Well I want you to tell us. So far its looking like a great carpet chemical. Send me an address and let you try it for free, then you tell me what its best at.

      Regards, Kyle

  6. Robert says:

    hey man you can correct my grammar anytime

  7. CosmOval says:

    this stuff is amaizing thx guys

  8. ls1rx7 says:

    I like how out of everything you guys have made this is the most talked about thing 🙂

  9. cutarug says:

    so what the difference between this and the orange stuff

    • COMEDY! says:

      This has a better penetrating quality allowing it to set up faster and the ingredients are more heat activated so it lasts longer during a run.

      Regards, Kyle

  10. KAorNA says:

    stuff works great only tried it on solaris mediums and carpet. didnt seem to harsh on the rubber. seems to last a bit longer than the other things ive tried. going to try it on a new set of soft sorex tires this weekend. thanks

  11. stevy.pete says:

    sweet stuff guys. used it on jaco greens and blues on carpet and glossy asphalt. grip is great and its seems light on the tires. seemed oily at first but after a lap it gripped like hell. thanks

  12. turner727 says:

    did you guys get the new bottles in yet id like some for this weekend

  13. scott.b says:

    Thanks guys the stuff works great

  14. squibby says:

    you get more stuff in yet:)

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